October 19th, 2019 12th Annual Monster Bash
Canada's Largest & Hotest Halloween Event This will be a Sold Out event!
Only $80 per couple. Book Now!

Q: Are tickets available at the door?
This event is being heavily marketed, and as a premier event it will sell out quickly. If there is any space left, admission will be available at the door at a first come first served basis. Your best option is to secure your spot now for what will be the GTA's most amazing Halloween Party ever!

Q: Is there a separate "play area" for couples?
Yes! It wouldn't be a TABOTA event if we didn't do something special for couples. Our secluded and secured "couples only area" will be open to those wanted to explore their sexuality in a hot and erotic atmosphere.

Q: Can some select singles gain entrance in to the Couples Only Area?
Yes! If they are single FEMALES and have been invited in by another couple. No single males at any time.

Q: Do I have to wear a costume?
Yes. A costume will be necessary for you to gain entrance to this exclusive event. When designing your costume, try to explore the line where fetish meets fantasy.

Q: Is this event licensed?

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